Women's Intermediate Meditation Group

7 week group ~ dates will be announced in early Jan 2020

How to work with reality, as it shows up, is the new direction in consciousness and meditation.  Additonally, we often, in the moment,  treat ourselves less then optimal

In the group, we learn to embrace self-compassion.   Thru our practice, we learn to ride out suffering, failure and feeling inadequate as we drop more and more into emotional well-being and new ways of self care. 

We discover the inner loving kindness that has always been there.

This Level 2 course allows us to continue with the discipline of mindfulness practice while at the same time enjoying the presence of group support and a safe, nurturing environment. We continue with the art of ‘paying attention’ but more importantly, learning to pay attention to our inner intentions, to our body, and our mind patterns.


Tracy delivers powerful deeper teachings in this course:


  • Basic steps to move into the direction of ‘self-kindness’. Creating the right atmosphere so that loving kindness arises as a natural state.
  • What is non-doing and how it can transform my life.
  • Beginning to feel the subtle body and feeling the auric field.
  • Realizing that compassion extended towards one’s self naturally then begins to extends towards others.
  • Tools for working with challenging situations and creating better perspectives for ourselves. Consciousness helps us to get out of ‘stuck’ situations.
  • Developing mental stability and flexibility.
  • Calm mind. Deeper Wisdom.
  • Essential breath techniques and body scan.
  • How to work with reality as it shows up.
  • Paying attention to the ‘quality of space’ within you and around you. Whatever arises within you, noticing one’s perceptions towards it.
  • Learning to align with empowered thoghts to take 'right action.'
  • Our continued valuale group support.
  • Level One group is a pre-requsite to taking this group


Requirement:  Must have completed a Level one with Tracy

~ 7 weeks

14 hours of group time - $175.00 + hst = $186.45
(apprx $12 per hr of class time)

This course can be used as a medical tax deduction on your income taxes.
You may also have 3rd party insurance coverage for this group

Please email grp coordinator Mary:
 [email protected]

Tracy requires that you have completed a Level 1 group in order to participate in Level 2.
We can make exceptions if you have a history of meditation - please let us know.


The Universe is mindful.....

"Learn the art of how to live within a mindful universe"