‘Break free’ from over-eating

Here’s the difficult truth: Over 75% of women overeat because of emotions and a lack of understanding how the brain works with food.

Tracy is a very highly-trained specialist in this area and has led many workshops and groups in this field for over 20 years.

She has helped hundreds of women to stop the cycle. She has created this program based on the latest available material. She will give you the key philosophy and, most importantly, the experiential transformation through the group process that you absolutely need in order to change.

The program provides you with the tools and strategies; great group support; and, a lot of one-on-one guidance with Tracy to finally start to break-free from the self-sabotaging patterns. If you’ve tried to do this alone – try our group instead — you’ll feel loved, safe and supported. Create the changes you will need for a lifetime.

Once you start to apply the guidelines and integrate back into your right alignment, the weight begins to come off naturally without force and control. This is a gentler, more loving way vs. restriction, self-hate and the inevitable ‘bounce back’ to binge eating and weight gain.


You will learn to:

Prevent weight gain once it is lost

  • Let your body return to its natural weight – using the ‘effortless path’
  • Learn the ‘real’ difference between body hunger and emotional hunger
  • New powerful ways to listen to the body
  • Understand the biology food addiction and the corporate ways you are hooked
  • Lose interest in ‘bad’ foods without having to use will power
  • Unravel from the emotional hooks that move you to food
  • More self-esteem and self-love
  • Exploring feelings with homework assignments & partner work
  • Stop numbing your feelings with food
  • Learn how to recover quickly if you do binge
  • Working with the inner critic
  • Understanding that what you eat does make a difference
  • Get ‘more’ joy out of eating then you ever thought possible
  • Give up waiting to be thin to live your life
  • Learn the  eating guidelines that will change your life
  • Using mindfulness practice to dissolve binges & what to do during a binge.
  • Give and receive support in a safe environment

This course is for you if:

  • Have tried many diets and gained weight back
  • Have self-esteem and body image issues
  •  Are powerless to deal with your obsession with food
  • Don’t know when to stop eating (bingeing)
  • Are at war with food
  • Think about food, weight loss and dieting every day, or worse, every minute

About Tracy

Tracy has extensive experience in this area. She has worked in both inpatient & outpatient clinical settings as an eating-disorder therapist and assessment in-take counselor for the “Women’s Recovery Center for Eating Disorders” at Boulder Community Hospital, in Boulder, Colorado. Her Master’s dissertation in psychology focused on emotional eating and addiction.

She has worked for years in clinical practice with eating issues with hundreds of clients and has led numerous women’s groups for emotional over-eater’s in Ontario. She is highly qualified and trained to be teaching these courses.